November 5, 2017

Rose Gold Eye Makeup Tutorial

I don’t know about you, but I love me a nice rose gold look!

It’s simple, easy to do, and isn’t too extra – it’s really pretty. For you fair skinned ladies out there, the cool tones of this look won’t make you look like you have some sort of eye infection. And especially you girls with green/hazel eyes, the rose gold colour will make your eyes pop. It’s perfect for dates, going out with your friends, or even when you’re not going anywhere 🙂

To learn how to create this look, scroll down!

Prime your eyes! This will make the shadow last longer, and make it easier for you to blend the shadows out. I just used concealer over my lid, and setting powder to lock it down.

Starting with the crease colour, I took the shade For Realism from the Tarte Color Vibes palette and swept it through.

To make the crease a bit more intense, I used the shade A Beautiful Degas from the same palette and placed it just inside the crease.

Then, take the same shadow we just used, and put it all over your lid as the base colour.

Take the shadow that we started off with (For Realism), and using a light hand, blend everything out.

Using the Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Weenie, use your finger to apply all over the lid, on top of the shadow we used before. Make sure you blend any loose shadow out of the crease, as it will end up in there! I love this shadow, it’s such a true rose gold with maximum payoff.

To complete the look, curl your lashes and add your favourite mascara. The one used her is Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes mascara.

Top it off with your favourite face products and lippie, and you’re set!

Let me know if you want more of these, as this was actually quite fun to do!